Thursday, May 20, 2010

No, I'm not dead

It's just really hard to update when you don't have internet at your house. =[

Fortunately I get internet on May 21! Then the shenanigans will continue.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Legit Now

Gotta lot going on, but thought I'd share a few pics!

Pre-race food! As I mentioned a few posts ago, my friend Matt and I raced in a 10k about 2 weeks ago. This is the meal we had the night before. Carb-ilicious! And of course vegetables cause we wanna be healthy. The morning of, we got together at 5:45 am (ugh I was tired) and ate bagels with peanut butter.

We also managed to snap the photo above. The race went fine, but man it was tough.

But we survived!

Onto the house! This is the kitchen on the day that I closed. As you can see there is just a hood above the range and no microwave in sight. Well, Eric is an awesome handyman and decided that he would put an over the range microwave in himself (with the help of his father).

The After shot:

I think it looks great! And those fingerprints all over it are so endearing.... (Ok, you caught me, I have no idea how to clean them off yet). We also got a stainless steel fridge, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet. I can say this though, it's gorgeous (yes, it has fingerprints all over it too...)!

As you can see in the background, Eric put up most of the blinds too. And yes, I actually did some work. I put up the shower curtain rod!

And I put the first food item in the pantry -- a bottle of olive oil leftover from college! =]

Well, that's it for now, but the big table reveal is coming soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I will always find something that I need to do...

So I started moving in a week ago today and I STILL am not done with everything. I guess it's laughable that I thought I'd be finished by now, but I really thought I could do it!

I was going to say that this is me in my house, but actually this is me:

Most are unpacked, but all are still there. Yike. The good news is I found 2 end tables and a coffee table on Craiglist for $50. The bad news is they were ugly. But no worries! I have been painting those bad boys and they will be in their rightful place soon looking beautiful.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Deed is Done!

Well, I closed on my first home yesterday!

Obviously that's not it... But I'm so excited about it! =] The realtor and I did a walkthrough before we went to closing and I took a ton of pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I am so in love with the house and can't wait to get everything in. After closing I went back to work, but as soon as I got home I immediately started loading my car to take things over to the house!! I'm not officially moving until Sunday (when the fridge arrives), but I will be moving and unpacking most of my things over the next couple of days. I may show up at work like this on Friday
 But that's ok. =]