Friday, June 25, 2010

You win TJMaxx!

As the house hardly has any furniture, I had been looking around for some chairs to provide extra seating in the living room. There were a lot of good options out there, but none at my price point. Checked overstock and all that, finding nothing appealing enough. I went back to one day and found this chair:

I loved the lines, but didn't want to spend as much as they were charging. So I marched on. And eventually marched right on into TJMaxx. I headed back towards the furniture and right there were two gorgeous brown chairs with the lines of the above chair. I was so happy! They were half the price of the Target chairs so I was ready for commitment.

These chairs have made me so happy. Now when I have guests, no one has to sit on the floor! Unless they just really, really want to.


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I love the chairs you picked out. Tjmaxx is greet for home decor I go crazy there all the time lol. It doesn't help that it's literally in walking distance from my house :)

Susan said...

Cute chairs! I love the dark colors too.
I went to TJMaxx yesterday, bought towels. It wasn't as exciting.