Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Organization

I don't know how other people store their necklaces, but I was having some issues storing mine. For the longest time I could not figure out how to organize them. I tried keeping them in a drawer, they tangled up. I tried lying them flat in my closet, they tangled up. I finally took two hangers and placed the necklaces on them thinking that hanging they wouldn't get all looped together. Nope, didn't work. But I somehow managed to live like this for over a year.

This was a horrible "solution" to my problem. So unfunctional -- every time I would try to get a necklace off, the hanger would move back and forth and all the necklaces would fall off and mix together! It was so annoying to deal with.

Instead of putting the ones that fell on the floor back onto the hanger, I'd usually just leave them there or pile them somewhere else.

This is so sad. Well, I finally came to my senses and decided to manage this situation. I considered these 3M Command Strips as an option:

But for 4-pack it was about 7 bucks and they didn't really seem all that amazing. I looked at regular hooks too -- the kind you screw into the wall and I wasn't impressed either. I'm on a budget people! Then I saw it, this key hook beauty.

It was six dollars and looked perfect for the job. I picked an open spot in the closet and put it up.

They're not all tangled up anymore! They are organized and I love it. And now I can use those two hangers for what they are meant to be used for: pretending to sword fight.


Susan said...

Wonderful idea, exactly what I would have suggested. I have a few on a larrge hook, but most are individually placed into a plastic, zip lock-type baggies. Having the silver exposed to the air discolors it.

jen said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I'm in the process now of making over my closet & trying to put something together for my necklaces...I might just have to steal this idea! I love it!