Monday, April 21, 2014

Kirby Cake

My sister's birthday party was the weekend before last and I wanted to share the cake I made for her with you guys. :) My sister loves the Kirby games on the Wii and I'm pretty sure Kirby is her favorite video game character in general. She has little Kirby trinkets in her room and a Kirby shirt so I thought why not make her a Kirby cake? I've made her a rainbow cake the past 2 years and I wanted to do something different this year.

Here's Kirby:

Picture from here.

And here is the cake:

We made tacos and veggie tacos with all sorts of toppings. I made queso dip and we had guacamole and of course, salsa. There were lots and lots of tortilla chips too. We also made black beans and rice.

Here's a picture of the table before we added the rest of the taco stuff.

It's not that exciting looking, haha. Honestly, my mom and I decided to make this years party more low-key. Usually I go crazy and try to make too much food/decor/whatever and burn myself (and my mom) out trying to get everything done at the last minute. So it was nice to just relax this year!

I thought it was sweet that one of my sister's friends bought her a Kirby figure since I had made her a Kirby cake.

As you can see someone bought McKenna the Trouble board game so I acted out the old commercial from when I was a kid where they all go "Gettin' into trouble!!" at the end and they had no clue what I was doing....

Here's McKenna with her cake! :)

I didn't actually get a picture of the 2 of us that day.... So here's one from the day we had a family dinner to celebrate her birthday.

I love my sister!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little About Me

I find that when I read a blog I enjoy it more when I feel like I 'know' the person so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit more about myself. And in a video, no less! I have never done a vlog before and got a wild hair to try it. So here a few facts abut myself:

trim.X0iJeM from Morgan on Vimeo.

I realized afterward, that I mentioned improv and then gave no explanation of what it was, but perhaps it's more well-known in your neck of the woods anyway.... Basically, we play improv games similar to the show Whose Line is it Anyway and we get all our suggestions from our audience. The difference between us and the show is we are family friendly. :)

If you didn't watch the video, I think it's basically me admitting that I am a nerd. And I didn't even get in to how much I love Star Wars/Star Trek.