Monday, May 18, 2009

My Family

They don't listen to me. Either that or they forget what I say. Several incidents have occurred because of this that are less than desireable for me.

A few years ago in college, I was on a band trip in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had been going home most weekends back then, so I made sure to tell my family two weeks ahead of time that I wouldn't be home. Out at dinner, my phone rings:

Mom: Morgan! When are you going to be home tonight?
Me: I'm in Tulsa right now......
Mom: Tulsa? What are you doing in Tulsa??
Me: Mom, I'm on a band trip. I told you 2 weeks ago.
Mom: No you didn't. Tulsa? Are you joking Morgan?
Me: No mom. I'm really in Tulsa.

A few minutes later, the phone rings again:

Grandpa: How's everything going?
Me: Pretty good, you?
Grandpa: Good. I'm coming to pick you guys up for dinner in about 20 minutes. Tell your mom.
Me: Uh, I'll call her and tell her, but I'm in Oklahoma, remember?
Grandpa: No you're not.
Me: ...
Grandpa: Morgan?
Me: I really am in Oklahoma. Remember after church last week? I told you all that I would be out of town for a band trip.
Grandpa: No. I don't remember that.

After dinner on the way back to the hotel:

Mal: Hey! McKenna wants to know when you're going to be home! We all want to go to the park after dinner.
Me: Um, seriously?
Mal: Yeah! Where are you at?
Me: I'm in Oklahoma!

Last summer, I worked at the same job I'm currently at and I usually worked from 8 to 4:30 or 8 to 5. On Tuesdays McKenna had soccer practice and either Mom, Mal or I would take her. I warned a week in advance that I had a doctors appointment at 4 on Tuesday and would be unable to take McKenna that day and I told Mal and Mom that they'd have to sort it out. You can imagine what happened..... I get out of my appointment and I have all sorts of text messages and voicemails asking how could I forget to pick up my little sister.

How could YOU forget when I told you 5 or 6 times, put a note on the fridge and put an orange Post-It note on the front door?

I love my family. =)