Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vegetarian Meals

So I made dinner last night which I was really excited about because I just recently got back home from college for the summer and I didn't get to cook much there. I had been craving salad all day, so I decided to do something of that nature. I started by boiling some water for some brown rice and my sister steamed some broccoli for us. We had some pita pockets lying around so I decided I would make pita pocket salads. My family hadn't had those before so I gave it a shot. I chopped up some orange bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots and also prepared some romaine lettuce. I added a little shredded cheese to each and then made some homemade peppercorn dressing to go in the pita salads as well. This whole process went much faster than I thought it would and by the time the rice and broccoli were finished I had put together all the pita pockets.
The whole family loved it. Success!