Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Re-cap

Warning! Picture-heavy post ahead.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I sure did. We started out by heading to my grandfather's house on Christmas Eve in the morning and spending time with my mom's side of the family.

They have 2 cats and one of them is pregnant. It was so cute and McKenna loves animals so she had to hold it. =)

We all went to eat lunch, which kind of turned into a fiasco. Originally, we were headed to a steakhouse, but upon arriving discovered that it was closed so we called everyone to go to another restaurant that we didn't actually end up going to. We finally ended up outside Ruby Tuesday wondering if it was open since there were a thousand cars at the Cracker Barrel next door and 2 at Ruby Tuesday's. After checking the doors and finding out that they were open we went in and got a table and then saw that all the waitresses were wearing tacky Christmas sweaters so that was fun to see.

After getting back we opened presents and I had to take a picture with my sisters, of course.

We then headed back to my mother's house to see my father's side of the family, including our little cousin.

McKenna had a fun time playing with him and teaching him a new game. =)

After hanging out with them for a while we went to our church's Christmas Eve candlelit service and then back to my mom's for taco night! Which I think will be a tradition now because we did that last year too.

I got a great gift, a new camera! Ahh! Yes! That is really what it was!

Please excuse all the crap on the floor - that's my post gift-wrapping mess that I neglected to clean up. Just keepin' it real. The important thing here is to look at the awesome camera box.

I went by my mom's house afterward to drop off something for McKenna and I took that chance to take some pictures with the new camera.

I love my mom's red and green tree!

I also love my sweet little sister. =)

It was definitely a most wonderful Christmas weekend. I had a fabulous weekend with friends and it was great to slow down and take some time to remember why we celebrate this time of year.


Faith said...

what a great Christmas!

and what an awesome, awesome gift! i can only imagine how excited you were to get that camera! looking forward to seeing all the pictures you take on your blog :)

The Atwoods said...

So glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas :) What a nice surprise - a new camera!!!

LV said...

It looks like you had an amazing Christmas Morgan! I bet you had an amazing meal at the restaurant, and so funny to hear about the waitresses...LOL

That canon rebel is an awesome gift! I loved looking at the photos of your family:-) said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!!! Lots of family, food and fun!! The best kind! You will love your Rebel, I'm on my second one..what a totally awesome gift. Your family is so cute!! Hope you're still enjoying the holidays...I know I am!

Summer-Raye said...

it looks like you had an amazing Christmas! GIRL YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS! xo

Val said...

Ahh, do you love your new gift? It's pretty awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you! Great pics.

Elle Sees said...

new follower alert! someone was very good this year! :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

What an amazing gift! You must have been a very good girl this year Morgan! lol! I have the same camera, and I take 99% of my pictures with the flash off. I keep it at the 'no flash' setting most of the time! Just a tip from me! Here's another great a filter, like a UV filter, which costs about $20, and it goes over your lense {just screws on like a cap on jar} and it will protect your lense from scratches. That way, if you ever get a scratch, you can just throw away the $20 filter and get another $20 filter and your expensive lense will be scratch free! Have fun with your new camera! Angie xo