Sunday, July 24, 2011

Knock it off, Napoleon! Make yourself a dang quesadilla!

So the other day for dinner, I had my friend Kelly and her fiance over as well as my friend Parneet. I wanted to use up some tortillas we had in the pantry so I decided to make quesadillas and since I love a theme I decided to make it southwest themed. Well, it was my attempt at that theme, haha.

I made the quesadillas on our griddle and it was so super easy. I love my griddle... Anyway, I just sprayed cooking spray on the griddle once it had heated up and then put a tortilla on. I immediately sprinkled cheese on one side and then used a spatula to fold the tortilla over. Each quesadilla was so quick and simple to make.

Rice is a classic southwestern side dish so that was my next task. All I ever buy is brown rice so I cooked about 3 cups of rice in 2 and a half cups of vegetable broth with a little bit of vegetable oil (so the rice wouldn't stick together). I added some peas and carrots (yay veggies) as well. After the rice was cooked Kelly seasoned it to perfection with some garlic salt and parsley. Yum! It was some pretty tasty rice.

I wanted to make some veggies as well so I heated up some mixed vegetables and then heated up some Sante Fe style cooking creme and mixed it in with the vegetables. It gave the vegetables a nice kick.

I'm a sucker for quick, easy meals so this is definitely one I'll be doing again in the future. And yay for themes. =)


The Atwoods said...

YUM! This looks soo delicious :)

Susan R said...

A cool idea is to make a bunch of quesadillas in advance, let them cool and then wrap them in foil or wax paper and freeze them. Then when you need to grab a quick snack or lunch, you just grab one and go.

claire said...

this is the perfect quick weeknight meal! thanks for sharing morgan!

Alexis Kaye said...

that looks so yummy! I love me a good recipe! I want to try those mixed veggies! And you guys got married in May? ME TOO! isn't it fab :)

Anonymous said...

Those look so good! You're making me hungry - and it's 1am, so that's saying something :)