Saturday, July 30, 2011

College Food

I was looking through some of my older pictures the other day and I saw several I had taken during college of food my roomie and I had made.

This is my college roommate Sharon. We went to high school together, played trumpet in band together for many years and then went on to share a dorm room. We were very poor in college.

We pretty much always shopped at the Wal*Marts and we bought food as cheap as we possibly could. Standards were: cheap pasta, cheap pasta sauce, cheap Wal*Mart brand frozen vegetables, frozen edamame, Knorr side dishes (when they were on sale), big boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios or regular Cheerios, huge packages of peanut butter crackers (I'd get a box of 14 packages for about 2 dollars), peanut butter, jelly, bread. Hmmm... yeah, that was the standard stuff.

Here's a typical meal:

Mac n cheese with squash, pasta roni, and some green giant broccoli.

Another dinner - more green giant vegetables, pasta roni and corn.

Of course every now and then we would get fancy. We had a "dinner party" one night and we made tomato soup, corn casserole and "gourmet" grilled cheese. I made up this grilled cheese sandwich were you take fancy bread and add some sliced american cheese and strips of orange bell pepper (so colorful!) and then you grill it in a pan. Simple, but sooo tasty and I did always feel fancy eating it, haha.

The sandwiches were especially good dipped in the tomato soup, of course.

Here's another typical week night dinner. We have some pasta, edamame and those amazing Wal*Mart brand vegetables.

And if I visited boys in college, this is what I got to eat for dinner:

Haha. Is it just me, or are college boys just not as creative when it comes to cooking dinner? Well, I guess it is easier to just throw a pizza in the oven, but still.
What kind of things did you eat in college? Were you broke like me and my roomie? Haha.


Pam said...

mmm... ramen noodles and grill cheese. Makes me want to go whip some up right now. My hubs said he ate chicken fingers and hot dogs everyday while he was in college ::cough, cough, 5 years:: LOL