Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Breakfast Ideas

The blog world is full of talented people with brilliant ideas, like you! So I want your ideas. More specifically, I want your breakfast ideas.

On a typical morning, I will eat a waffle or a bagel on the way to work. During the weekend it's usually cereal or one of the following:

Pancakes and eggs. I have a most wonderful recipe for pancakes and it's quick and easy too. I'll have to share it some time.

Egg and cheese on whole wheat bagels.

Omelettes. Standard.

And a southern classic, biscuits and cocoa. If you're not from the South then you probably wouldn't understand. I grew up on my grandma's biscuits and for breakfasts on the weekend our grandparents would make us biscuits and cocoa. I got the recipes from her and now from time to time I make this.

I would like to branch out from these staples though and try some new breakfast ideas, so lay them on me! What are your favorite breakfast ideas?


The Atwoods said...

I wouldn't say this is "easy" because it does require prep work, but I love to bake up a big batch o' muffins or bread and put them in the freezer. I esp. love to do this in the fall/winter months when I have to get up extra early. Then, it becomes easy in the mornings...I just thaw them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and I'm out the door!

Mrs. Chic said...

When I have time I love making pancakes, hash browns and sausage. But that's usally on weekends. During the week day, I like making oatmeal {using quickoats} I add in rasins, brown sugar and cranberries.

I also make muffins on Sunday night as backup for busy weekdays

Keri said...

Hi! Just found you...love your blog :) Looking forward to reading more!

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

Biscuits and cocoa!? How have I not heard of this delicacy. Sounds way too divine for words :) Xo