Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bakerella is seriously my favorite ever

This past weekend I just wanted to have a good time. Nothing to rush off to, no chores, no errands. Fabulous Friday.

I was going to run with Eric and Matt and then we were all going to hang out, but it was storming so we couldn't run. So obviously, instead of staying inside from the storm, we went to Publix in order to pick up some baking supplies! =]

We made Bakerella's Brownie Candy Cups. I know you're wondering why I made these with two people named Eric and Matt... Well, all my girlfriends are at college so I'll take what I can get! They love me just enough to bake with me, but I don't think they love me enough to help me hide the bodies. But we won't talk about that anyway...

OK! So onto the baking. It was really easy to do:

 Brownie mix! Super cheating time!

Mixin it all up.

We just put the foil cups on a cookie sheet instead of a in muffin tin.

Eric decided to get "artsy".

I ended up with a lot of the brownie batter on my hands.

The finished product!

I found them to be delicious. And I think everyone else did too. We made these at Eric's house and his family had finished off the rest by the next morning!

So bottom line -- if you're looking for a quick and easy treat, these match the criteria.

And in other news, I'm closing on my house on Monday!! *AIEEEEE!!!!*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cue Rocky Theme

So I've been training for a 10k. I signed up for it 3 weeks ago and it's this Saturday. Doh!

Training is going well though. I really think I can make it! I'm up to 4 miles no problem and I'm going to run 5 today. My Matt runs with me all the time and he is running the race too. We were talking about what we're going to eat the night before the race and the morning of the race.

Obviously carbs will be involved. I'm thinking I'll make Rotini with veggies in olive oil with a little parmesan on top. Some breadsticks and salad will probably be involved too.

Breakfast I think will be a bagel with peanut butter.

I'm not trying to get sick before running 6 miles!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


1) I've gotten my hair straightening time down to 12 minutes. Personal best.

2) Brought some pictures of me with friends and family to work today. Co-worker walks in a sees one of me and my friends playing twister with aluminum foil hats on and says, "Oh, so you do have fun..." (um, that's a shock to people I work with? I didn't realize how dull I was at work!)

3) I cannot move in my closet. The amount of things I'm storing right now is overwhelming. (House, please get done soon!)

4) My friend convinced me to sign up for a 10k with him. I'm excited about it, but I recently hurt my knee from running too much. Hmmm....

5) I can't wait for my friends to come home from college!!!!

6) I want to bake something. =]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Party time!

McKenna turned 13 last Thursday. Craziness! We all went to Cici's and then to an arcade for super fun times. But that was just family time. My mom and I planned for her to have a sleepover on Saturday.

So I spent Friday evening (until like 1 am, not even kidding) working on stuff for the party. I knew I had to get it all done that night cause I was attending a wedding the next day 2 hours away. So obviously when you have 6 13-year-olds at your house you want to load them up on sugar, therefore I began with the cupcake making:

 I actually made two types of cupcakes cause she wanted both chocolate and vanilla. I asked what color did she want me to use for her party and she answered rainbow.... (?) To honor this request, I made funfetti cupcakes, but went with blue frosting and blue everything else. I knew I needed a cupcake stand of sorts and we do not have one here. I remembered seeing on a blog a long while back how someone had just covered boxes with paper and used that, so I decided to give it a go. We had two perfect sized boxes and some blue wrapping paper so my mom and I wrapped up the boxes.
The wrapped boxes looked pretty good IMO. Ignore the crap all over the table, we're just keepin' it real over at our house. Trust me, it was gone by party time.

I dipped marshmallows on lollipop sticks in chocolate and also pretzel rods. They were really good, we had one or two (or, um, a few more...) that night.
The finished product!! I thought it turned out really nice. Now, we didn't just have sugar city here. My mom and I also made a fruit tray, veggie tray and had chips and salsa. I just forgot to take pictures of everything else. =[

I also made Pioneer Woman's tomato-basil pizza at McKenna's request. She LOVES that pizza and her friends really seemed to enjoy it.

For activities the girls had sidewalk chalk, string to make lanyards with and TONS of glow sticks. Seriously my mom and I got a billion of those suckers in all different colors. The girls had so many on and then wanted me to go with them outside. The neighbors were giving us some crazy looks, but they had a fun time so I don't care. =]

I love my sister!