Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How do you decide?

I've never been one for white walls. Everybody is different and some people just adore them and can't stand anything else, but for me, I really like getting some color on the wall. Ever since we moved into our place I've been contemplating when I would get to paint and what colors I would use. I still haven't completed this project, but I have been brainstorming colors. I know for certain that the living room, dining room and kitchen will all be the same color because they have connecting walls and I don't know if I'm comfortable breaking it up yet. Perhaps at some point I will want to change it, but for this first try they will all be the same color.

What I have done so far is get samples from Home Depot of the top contenders in order to see what I will like best. I picked three spots in the house and painted the samples so that I could see how they looked in different spaces and I also made sure to check in on them several times throughout the day so that I would know how they fancied with the brighter light and even no light at all.

I love the samples because they are pretty inexpensive, but easily showed me that the blue on the right there is baby room blue not grown-up blue. Yikes, that could have been a bad mistake... Actually it doesn't look to bad in the picture, but in real life ---- baby room blue....

Still haven't made a final decision as I have actually bought another sample can and painted a few sample spots with it. It's so hard to make a choice on something like this. How do you do it?


Susan said...

The one on the far left. Kind of steel blue. Looks nice, go for it.