Monday, July 12, 2010


I have so many projects that I'm juggling around right now! None are quite finished. I always feel so antsy while a project is going on because I can't wait to see the end result and bask in that feeling of accomplishment. However, I'm quickly realizing that this is has been a constant thing in the past and probably will be for the rest of my life so I shouldn't get antsy anymore. I mean, when do I not have some sort of project going on? Never! I always have something that I want to be working on. I think that's the way most of us are. I always find something that I want to make better. =]

I did manage to take a break yesterday though and got in an awesome game of ultimate frisbee. It was blazing hot outside, but I toughed it out and played for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and nice to have a break from the projects for a bit.

One big thing coming up is painting. I've had paint chips up on the wall for a while, trying to decide on a color. Yesterday I got a sample can and painted a few spots to see how it looked. I looked at it throughout the day in different light in order to get the best idea of how it would look. I love the color and think it will look really nice so I'm planning on painting Saturday. I'm pretty stoked to get rid of these white walls and bring some color in. So that's what's up right now.

Anybody else got a big project going on? Or many small ones?

And because I can't leave a post without a picture, here's a delightful picture from a cookout we had a few weeks ago.


Susan said...

Yep, loks of project. Most of them are ones that I've started, but never finished. I do, however, have two great big ones that I haven't started. Stripping the deck repairs and refinishing it, stripping the paint from my bedroom walls and bathroom and repainting. How's this for some knit wit idea.....the people that lived in our home before us did a half-a@%+* job at painting. They painted over the wall paper in the bedroom and pulled off the wall paper in the bathroom, but never removed the glue underneath and they used a flat paint in the bathroom to boot. It is chipping off all over the place and has big, ugly streaks in it. I want to hunt them down. Both of those are going to be major work.....I'm scared.

Susan said...

I can't spell.
I meant to say lots of projects. Is there a way to put spell check on a comment?