Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Knew These Would Come in Handy!

If you have a memory like a steel trap, this post is not for you. However, for the people like me that can't remember everything, I give you this:

Don't understand? Well, it's simple. When I lived at my mom's house, I was always forgetting one thing or another on the way to work/school. The solution I came up with was, admittedly, rather silly. I had made these magnets with my best friend Kelly and I'm sure you've seen these all over the blog world and probably made some yourself.

We gave them as gifts to our friends and kept some for ourselves. For a while I didn't do anything with mine, but then one fateful evening I was thinking about some things I needed to take to work the next day and absolutely could not forget. I decided that if I was going to remember this I would just have to put it where I couldn't overlook it in my rush to leave in the morning. This led me to grab one of my cute little magnets and attach my documents to the door. Even in my frantic state, I saw the papers on the door and grabbed them as I fled for work. After that, I always would put my to-do lists and other important reminders on the door with a magnet or multiple magnets.

I had forgotten all about doing that at mom's, but recently I've been forgetting things on the way out in the morning again so I'm going back to my old habit of just sticking stuff on the door (things and stuff.... real technical terms here cause I do have a computer science degree and all). I found this to be a great system to remind me to bring coupons to the store, about an appointment the next day, to call someone, etc.

Now I know you're thinking, "Um, I don't want people coming over and seeing all that crap on my door..." Well, people don't see it on mine (except for you now). I put my papers on there at night and grab them in the morning on my way out. But what about the magnets? Well, remember these?

I stole one and stuck it in the tray on top of our shoe organizer.

That way I can pull off the magnet in the morning and toss it in there if I don't want to leave it on the door all the time.

It's not a cute bulletin board or amazing calendar system, but it gets the job done for me. =]

Do any of you guys do something out of the norm in order to remember things?


Susan said...

Hey! I want some. Those are super nifty and very useful. How did you make them?

Jen said...

Those are cool!!!