Monday, November 15, 2010

Hashbrown Casserole

I wanted to make hashbrown casserole and so I scoured the internet for recipes and learned that there are about a 1000 different ways to make it. Hmmm. I could have made one of those thousand recipes, but instead I decided to try and make it the way I remembered my grandma making it back in the day. If it ain't broke, don't fix it? Ya know?

My nanny as we so lovingly called her is no longer with us, but I remembered what she did just not how much of each ingredient she put in so of course, I guessed. =]

I began by pre-heating the oven (always a good place to start) to 375 degrees.

I thawed out a package of hash browns and then placed them into a casserole dish and added in half of a small thing of sour cream. Clear as mud? I'm pretty sure it was an 8 oz. container and I just used half of it.

Then I added in one can of cream of mushroom soup and I guessed on how much cheese to put in. I grated some, mixed it in and it looked good so I called it a day.

I baked it for about 50 minutes. I thought it looked good so I got it out and tried it. This is what greeted me.

I really liked it and there were plenty of leftovers for me to take to work. Bonus!

You win grandma!


Pam said...

yumm! My SIL makes this for thanksgiving every year... and it is amazing!

Leigh Anna said...

I'm taking over the Christmas Swap for Susan from FiveGreatKiddos. You had commented on Susan's blog that wanted to join the swap and I just wanted to check and make sure you still want to do it. I'm setting up the swap this week.

Leigh Anna