Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween, This is Halloween

Friday night we threw a Halloween costume party at my house with food, games and fun. Good buddies came over as well as my sister McKenna and my mom who helped me prepare most of the food. I love a good party and I love hosting so I was pretty excited to have some people over for the first Halloween party in my house. Last year I was on a plane to Orlando on Halloween so I missed being home for it, but it was cool to see all the people at the airport dressed up in costumes. =)

This was the table setup early on. I got the plates at Hobby Lobby on sale and the napkins were leftover from the Halloween swap I did last year with Susan. =)

Our friends Kelly and Bobby brought us chips to snack on while we finished the rest of the food.

Curious about my costume? You'll be able to see the whole thing later.

Below is the apple cider we feasted on. I'll admit it looks kinda weird in this picture, but we all really enjoyed it.

My sister McKenna came as a secret agent and I fulfilled my childhood dream of being the pink power ranger! If only 6-year-old Morgan could see me now....

Here's a shot of everyone enjoying their apple cider.

After apple cider, we had some broccoli cheddar soup and tomato basil soup with bread.

When we would put the soup in our bowls it would make the bottom of the bowls suuuuuuuper hot so I put my bowl on top of a plate to keep from searing my hand, haha.

After filling up on soup and pumpkin spice cupcakes, we played one of our favorite games - Mafia. Then we got a group picture of some of us.


We also played Just Dance 3. Which is really fun by the way. I got Just Dance 2 for Christmas last year and that's been one of our favorite games, so when Just Dance 3 came out a few weeks ago we were excited to try it out.

It was a really fun night with friends and I'm already looking forward to our next get together.

Are any of you attending a costume party tomorrow for Halloween?


Susan R said...

Very cute. I love that you dress up for Halloween. I always have good intentions to dress up, but get get too caught up in helping the kiddos with their costumes.
I love the party plates...I'm going to have to buy some.
I try to play DDR with my kiddos, but I'm terrible at it. The game usually kicks me off for being a loser before it's over.

Mrs. Chic said...

Looks like a fun party!! :)

Savannah said...

This looks like such a fun party! Did you love playing the dancing game? The commercials get me everytime. It might need to be added to my Santa list. :)

Val said...

Very cute...the food looks yummy!!

Bon Bon said...

You guys are fun! And Just Dance is one of my favorite life things...I'm absolutely terrible at it, but it's a favorite for getting to act like a fool:-) xoxo

The Atwoods said...

LOVE your costume!