Friday, January 13, 2012

99 Red Balloons

They are not floating in the summer sky, but still.

I don't know why I felt compelled to share this - probably just because I am weird, but a few years ago my friends and I had a 99 Red Balloons party at my mom's house (I still lived there then and all the get-togethers took place there). Why? I don't remember. We probably didn't even have a reason anyway. Who needs a reason to throw a party?

So anyway, here's how we took that theme to a whole 'nother level.

Red everything was the basic rule. And you KNOW we had 99 Red Balloons jammin' in the background - in English, in German and even the remix.

We baked a cake and iced it with red icing and even drew 99 red balloons on the top.

Yep, there were 99 red balloons in the house. We were all in band in high school so it wasn't that horrible to blow them all up since we had band-level lungs.

For dinner we served tomato soup (duh, it's red) with veggies and we had plenty of red-colored snacks.

Can you spot the person in this picture?

*Sigh* I love parties! Even if this one is a few years past.


Faith said...

i love that! i think it would be an awesome bridal shower/baby shower theme for using one color ... might be difficult but def. doable, i think :)

Kara said...

Too cute! I love the theme!

Savannah said...

You ALWAYS have the best party themes!!! Love this idea and making anyting simple big enough for an entire party! :) Keet the ideas coming!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Meets Food said...

What a fun party theme! I am loving this idea! xo

Elle Sees said...

i do too! i had an impromptu goth party once. we made outfits fr black trash bags and made drinks with "blood" and watched the Craft (not really goth-y) and listened to Bauhaus (gothy!) said...

Can you believe I heard that song today( love my Sirius 80's station!!)?? I loved reading about your party! Looked like a lot of fun. I guess I should be having my clarinet playing daughter help me to blow up balloons next time. It's actually closing them up that kills my fingers.

Susan R said...

Very cute and it's a good reason to have a party.
As a matter of fact...The Red Balloon is one of my favorite childhood movies. Have you ever seen it? A French film with very little to no talking in it, but very cute.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

What a fun great idae - i love this. But wow that is a lot of blowing with all those balloons :0 xx

Red Roses and Crystal said...

It's great how you get into the spirit Morgan. The parties you plan always look like heaps of fun!

Shara said...

cool red party:)La Folie