Monday, February 17, 2014

Gallery Wall Updates

The last time I showed you my living room gallery wall (in 2012) it was looking like this:

Well, over time I've changed a few things here and there and I wanted to share how it's looking these days.

Some of my new art I found as free printables, like this cool peacock! (found here)

Yes, I still have a Thanksgiving printable from Eighteen 25 up, but I'm about to change it to a spring themed printable.

As a nod to my job at NASA, I bought these 2 cool prints from Etsy. One is of space shuttle and the other's a cool little astronaut dude. :)

I also purchased this print of the metro system in Moscow, Russia. After traveling there for work in 2012, it's neat to walk by this reminder every day.

I love the updates and it's always nice to support Etsy artists when I can. :)


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

What a fun gallery wall! I love the mix of art and photos! You have it fitting together perfectly like a puzzle! so cool!

Faith said...

It looks so, so good! I cannot wait to one day have a gallery wall!

the cape on the corner said...

as a nod to your job at nasa? whoa, I don't think you've mentioned that. what do you do there? that's awesome.

Brandi said...

That's so awesome that you work at NASA! Sounds like a dream career! Love your gallery wall and all of your meaningful art!