Monday, February 24, 2014

Loft Updates

When I first got this house, I mentioned how much I loved this open area upstairs that I call the loft. It started out looking like this (more info here):

The last time I posted about the loft, it was looking like this:

There's been a few more changes since then. I finally got the loft, hallway and stairwell painted in fall of 2012 (I'm late posting about that update....). I wanted something neutral since it's a transition area and I finally decided on Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It's a light gray color and I have loved it in this space so far.

I also bought a mirror and rug for the room. I bought the mirror on Joss and Main and I think it's so cute. I just was being lazy about hanging it. The rug came from Homegoods, it's really not big enough for the space, but I don't care. It's colorful and I love it. :)

So after those changes, the mirror sat there for a whole year. Just waiting to be hung up. So neglected!

Here is how the room is looking now, after I FINALLY hung up the mirror!

Ta-da! It's a junk room!

Well, one side is anyway.... Yep, there's my Christmas tree. It's chillin' in here with some boxes and packing material. You'll also notice my Guitar Hero World Tour drum set and a pile of stuff I'm trying to sell on Craigslist.

On the other side....

There's a short story behind this table. I bought my dining room table in 2012 and when I did, they sent 1 and it had a busted up corner. I got the table from Overstock and if you receive a damage item, you can go to your account on the webpage and fill out a form for damaged items. I did this and they said that I would received another one and that I could throw the old table away. I thought they would take away the old one when they gave me the new one. Throw it away?? Why on earth would I do that? It just has a dinged up corner. Sooo, I just moved the old one upstairs and put the messed up corner up against the wall.

I'm still loving this bright, airy room, but I will love it even more once I get all the extra junk cleared out. Craigslist! Do your thing!


the cape on the corner said...

that looks like a great space-yes to that free buffet! why on earth would someone throw it out is right.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That's so neat that you've got a great bonus space! I love all the pops of green and that mirror is gorgeous!

Dee D said...

I love how your loft is coming along and I am really feeling that rug. Also, thanks for the kind comments and for following me. I'm following you now, too.

Faith said...

I'm loving the green accents! Looks so good! I can't wait to have a house to decorate again ... your posts get me excited and a bit impatient :)