Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest Bin

Ever since January I've been on an organizing kick. I guess maybe it's because of the new year and everything? Anyway, what's been happening is I'll see some place that is totally messy and that I would normally ignore, but nowadays I instantly pull everything out and have to organize it right then. I don't know what happened to me, but it's a good thing while it lasts. :)

So anyway, about a month ago one of my friends was over late and she was too tired to drive home so she just spent the night. This isn't too unusual for me and it's the same person most of the time, haha. I have a couple things for guests who stay with me, but they are scattered all over the house. I decided that I would gather all the stuff I have for guests into one bin that guests can access while they are here. And then I thought, why didn't I do this already??

I was also tired of looking at my linen closet (which is where I am storing this guest bin), but I'll deal with that on another day....

Here's part of the mess. Yes, I do need that much contact solution and don't you store your Lucille Ball DVDs in your linen closet?

I couldn't leave the house for this project cause we've been having bad weather here in North Alabama and we weren't prepared for it. The roads were all icy so I searched through my house for stuff I could steal for the guest bin.

I found this green basket, small teal bin and a white vase.

The green and teal bins came from Target and the white vase was from Ikea.

Here are all the items I already had. I am going to buy some more things when I can get out again. I want to put in some hand lotion, ibuprofen, more toothbrushes and maybe a few other things.

Here are the items in their new home!

Here's the bin in the linen closet. I got rid of a few unnecessary things to make it fit and it felt good to purge a little. I will be proud to hand this over to my next guest :)


Brandi said...

This is a great idea, Morgan! This summer I have a bunch of family coming to visit and this will be perfect.

Thank you kindly for stopping by and commenting on my daughter's table. You are so sweet, I appreciate your visit so very much!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

It's so nice to get things organized! I love you sweet guest bin! So thoughtful!!!

Dee D said...

I like the idea of a guest bin and it's great how you didn't have to spend any additional money to make it work, too. Just using something you already have in the house is a good way to recycle.

Miss.AishaLC said...

Great Idea! Isn't it neat that a lot of times you have the items you need (or could use) in the house without having to go buy something new- its just a matter of finding it! I have also been on an organizing kick... I cleaned my room last week (I mean deep clean) and got rid of 5 bags of clothes- I guess you could say I am ready for some Spring cleaning already :)

Lovelyladyjb said...

An organizing kick!! That's a great problem to have :) mine doesn't kick in until the snow starts to melt, but I have been purging lately too! Love the way the basket turned out :)