Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Could I BE Anymore Excited Right Now?


The sofa has landed!!!!! Today after work my amazing uncle picked up this sofa in his truck and I followed him to the house staying close behind in case it fell off. It didn't. *whew!* And now I'm sitting here on the beautiful new couch typing this. AHHHH!

I love it. And I know you're thinking, "What's with the paint on the wall?" Well, I finally picked a color, but I haven't painted yet. I'm so excited to get started on that project though!

The couch is so comfortable and looks amazing in the room.

Yes, the plaid couch in the back is going to be out of here soon. I'm donating it. Although my uncle made a good point that we could seat more people if we left it. He said we'd just have to make sure all the tall people got in the back. Or we could put it up on risers, cause that would look sooo snazzy.

I also love this amazing couch because now I can do this

or this

or even this!

The possibilities are (almost) endless!

Now check it, I could have bought the PB basic at Pottery Barn (dare to dream) for $1399 on sale.

or I could have gotten the Bayside sofa from Crate and Barrel for $1699.

Or I could have ordered the Pine Point sofa for $1499 from LLBean.

But what did I do? Ordered the Linden Street sofa from JCPenney for $899.

It's not Pottery Barn, but I'm pretty pleased!


Pam said...

it looks amazing! I love it... can't wait to see what the room looks like once you paint! ;)

Susan said...

The sofa looks great and you got a great deal. The accent pillows really add to it. Have you picked a paint color yet?

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

you are doing such a great job of decorating your place and I love the couch

SnoWhite said...

Found your blog from The Atwoods -- and enjoyed taking a look around! My husband and I just bought our first home, and ordered our sofa this weekend! We can't wait to see it in our space -- so I can share in your excitement! Love the new look at your place.