Saturday, January 8, 2011

Packing it Away

I finally found the strength to put away the Christmas tree and such. It was my first Christmas in this house and so it was super hard to get rid of everything! The tree made the house look so cozy, but alas, it was time. I had bought these green bins at Target a few weeks back and I used the under-the-bed size to pack away most of the Christmas decor.

 I just took the ornaments off, removed their hooks and then placed them into the bin.

Then I took off the lights and wrapped them up then they went in as well. I separated some of the ornaments into plastic bags since I used them for other decor in the house.

I also have a bag for extra lights and a bag for ornament hooks.

So there it is all packed up. Sad to see it go, but glad it's all packed away so nicely.


Susan said...

Here's the thing I had to laugh at. When Jason and I had our first Christmas together, we went and bought a small bin to put our ornaments, lights, etc...into after we took everything down. That small bin has turned into, "You better go pick up another bin at Target" every couple of years. We are now on our 4th, very large bin.

The Atwoods said...

We heard about your snow! So crazy! We don't have a bit today, and you guys are getting slammed. At least you get to stay indoors and enjoy it :) Have fun!