Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Guest Room!

The guest room is "finished!" For now anyway... I'm so stoked to have come this far with it. Feast your eyes.

 Here's another full shot with the overhead light on. I love all the pops of yellow.

Here you can see the curtains that I made for the room to go with my yellow and gray theme. I purchased the fabric from on discount (I believe it was $22 including shipping -- awesome!) and I loved the modern, geometric print it had. I worked on these while my friend Kelly and I watched Arrested Development (amazing show btw). I'm so happy with how inexpensive they were and how nicely they turned out.

For the sitting area, I brought up one of our leather parsons chairs from downstairs and added an ikea throw and one of the pillows we had from Target. The side table was a birthday gift from my mother and I love the detail on the sides.

 My friends that came for the weekend loved it and most importantly we got to enjoy spending time together.

One of the greatest changes for me was the light fixture. Before it was this hideous round plastic thing.

But I picked up this beautiful light fixture at Lowes for $60 and got it installed. Now I can actually stand to turn on the overhead light in there!

Here's another look at the sitting area and the curtains.

The lamp shade was originally plain, but I wanted to jazz it up a little so I just took some yellow ribbon and hot-glued it around the edge. I think it's so much more fun and a great pop of color in the room.

So there you have it! The updated guest bedroom. I'm so happy with it and can't wait to do more down the road! I still want to add a dresser and some more art, but for now I'm just enjoying it as it is. =)


The Atwoods said...

LOVE IT!!!! I esp. love the curtains and the cool trick you did on the lampshade..I would've never thought of that! Great job!!

Pam said...

Love it! especially the curtains and the bedding! Awesome job!

claire said...


The curtains are perfect and the seating area is great!

Meredith said...

Awesome job Morgan!! Your curtains turned out sooo good! I love your new lighting and the bedding and how nicely all the colors work together.

Also, Arrested Development has to be one of my favorite shows of all time. :)

claire said...

love the new header! said...

LOVE it all!! I'm also a huge AD fan! Can't wait for the movie. Where did you get that comforter? I need that fabric!