Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love Lamp

So.... I have an addiction to lamps...

I recently showed how I had decorated for our Halloween party and I showed this picture of the bookshelf in our living room.

It's looking a little different these days because after a recent trip to Target with mi madre, I stumbled upon a thing of beauty. This little green lamp right here.

I was so excited to find out that it was only $20 as well! So of course I brought it right home with me. =)

I think it looks pretty similar to this lamp from ZGallerie which is on sale right now for $120.

The color is perfect and this little lamp brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. They also have them in blue, white and black so if you're interested in a cute lamp for $20 head to the Target closest to you.

Meanwhile, I will be trying to stop staring at mine. =)


Meredith said...

That lamp is definitely "you" Morgan! I love it!

Val said...

I too-am a lamp addict!! =)

Red Roses and Crystal said...

I also have a lamp addiction Morgan and I think there may be many others like us!
Loving your new lamp addition.

To answer your Thai curry question..the jars of paste I buy in Australia have instructions on the label. Basically I stir-fry diced chicken/vegetables with some curry paste and a can of coconut cream and that's it. Super easy and delicious served with jasmine rice.
*I use half the green curry paste recommended as I don't like it overly spicy.
Annie xx

Stephanie said...

That's a great lamp! It's so versatile it looks like it can go anywhere!

Hope you had a great Monday! XOXO

Savannah said...

Lamps are my favorite home accessory! Your new addition looks great!

Shannon said...

Hi Morgan,

I love your little green lamp, especially paired with the orange. Can't beat the price!Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave the nice commet.

The Atwoods said...

Love the lines on this lamp! So pretty :)

Kara @ June & Bear said...

I look at lamps every single time I'd at Target or Marshalls. Love your green addition.