Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Command Central

After painting my laundry room/pantry and re-organizing the pantry area a few weeks ago, my next goal was to create a "command central" where I can hang coats/keys when I come home. My first step toward the command central was the cork board I created. Here's the full setup as it stands now.

Here's how it looks from the kitchen.

I added a hook for me to hang my aprons as well as key hooks and a coat hanger. Both the key hooks and the coat hanger came from Target (love).

I added a calendar for my forgetful self. I have things going on all the time and I always feel like I'm forgetting something so hopefully this will remedy that situation! I also added an adorable organizer (from Target) that I put my meal plan in.

I'm loving the new function added to our laundry room. =)

I'm also loving that I saw a double rainbow today! Check it out. And if you haven't seen this video yet, you are missing out.

What else have I accomplished? Well, I made my grandmother's red velvet cake for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Here's the cake and part of the huge mess I made while making it.

I may have a messy kitchen, but at least I have a place to hang my purse and keys now, right? It's all about perspective.


Summer-Raye said...


Savannah said...

Your command center looks great! And that cake? Delish! I always make big messes in the kitchen too. It's just a part of the process, right? Have a great Thanksgiving!

The Atwoods said...

Love your command center! I need one of those!

simply brookes: said...

love the command center and your post. looks great and i love the look of your blog. colorful, crisp and clean. thanks for posting. oh and say hello to your new follower.

LV said...

I love the idea of a command center:-) That cake looks so yummy!

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

HA HA - I will take a messy kitchen with that fabulous organization and delicious looking red velvet cake ANYDAY!!!! Both look phenomenal!

Hope you have a great thanksgiving! XOXO

Kara @ June & Bear said...

the cake looks yummy and i really need to work on a command center too.

Kalli said...

Such a great color for a laundry room! Love it

Mrs. Chic said...

Your command center is so cute!!! I've always wanted to bake a red velvet cake!! Yours looks good, love the cake stand!