Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Halls are Mostly Decked

I have been decorating the house for my first Christmas in this house and it's been a lot of fun. The thing I've been particularly excited about is the tree. I almost put it up before Thanksgiving, but I managed to hold back.... Here's the deal. I went out a few days after Christmas last year searching high and low for good prices on Christmas items. I was still living with my mom and so I had no Christmas items at all. I was starting from scratch and I wanted a deal!

Enter Target. I got my Christmas tree there on clearance for $30. I'll take it. Well, as you would expect it was not that awesome, but it did the trick.

The tree skirt was on clearance for $5. I think I got it from Hobby Lobby. So, I put the tree up and then my good friend Matt informed me that his mom and step-dad had given him a new, pre-lit Christmas tree so he was getting rid of his old one. He wanted to know if I would like it. You don't have to ask me twice. I took it and moved the old one upstairs. =] The new-old tree is gorgeous and had such a fun time decorating it! Too bad my pictures didn't come out well.

The star is silver and was on clearance at Wal-Mart last year. The ornaments are all from Target and were on clearance last year as well. I told you -- I needed some deals! I love how the tree turned out though, with all the different colors together.

So excited for Christmas! Yay!


The Atwoods said...

Beautiful!!! We're going to get our tree this weekend--we go and cut one down with my mom and dad (family tradition). I can't wait to put up the tree! It just feels so much more like Christmas with the tree up, doesn't it? :)

Susan said...

Your first Christmas together is always special. Pretty tree. I keep telling myself I'm going to buy an artificial tree, but never do. I just like going out with the family to pick out the perfet tree and I like the smell, but hate when I'm writing out a check for $80.00 every year for the tree. I know that sounds like Scrooge.

Pam said...

Yea for First Christmas together! When the hubs and I got married, I had been living by myself for almost 8 years, so I had a ton-o-christmas-crap, but he had nothing. It's been so nice to build our collection together and just keep the stuff that really means something to us.