Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Christmas Decor

Here's more of what's going on in my beloved casa in honor of Christmas.

I put out this little guy. He doesn't have a name yet. My grandfather got married earlier this year and his new wife made this for me out of beads and paper clips! He's pretty cute.

 Maybe I should call him Frosty...

 I wanted to do something to decorate the stairwell, but I wanted it to be unique. I had some of these little snowflakes leftover from the tree so I thought I would see how they looked on the banisters.

I just untied them and then re-tied them on the banisters and I thought they looked pretty cute.

Festive stairwell!

Festive stairwell from farther away. Ooh. Aah.

Another thing I did was change out my frame. During October I had this little setup going on one of the bookshelves. At Michaels they were having a half off sale of frames and looking in the 8x10 section I found a two pack of the following frame. It was regular priced at $12 so I thought hey $6 is a great deal for that so I snatched them up. When I got the register the two-pack was 2.50(!!!!!!!!). How does that even happen? I got this Halloween scrapbook paper and fit it inside and added my little pumpkin and some candy corn. Halloween ready!

For November I had a fall (and orange?) theme happening. 

And now for winter I have changed it out to this.

It's been so fun decorating the house and getting it ready for Christmas. Can't wait to add some more!


The Atwoods said...

Oh your snowflake banister is so cute!! :) Great idea.

SnoWhite said...

So cute!! I love the blue and silver -- very festive and bright.

I hope you and yours have a very special first married Christmas!! It's one you will never forget :)