Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Wreath Attempt!

Ok, so here's how it went down. I wanted a wreath, but had no idea what kind... Well, I went to Michael's one day and outside they had a clearance pile of wreaths!!! How does that happen!! They were plain old artificial wreaths, but I was pleased and I snagged one for $2. I was hoping to attach some ornaments to it and maybe some ribbon. I picked up some clearance ornaments in green and white and called it a day.

I didn't have a way to get it on the door, so I ended up going to Walmart looking for a wreath hanger and found 1 silver one among all the gold ones (gold is not my thing) and it was only $2. Can't beat that with a stick! (What does that mean anyway?) So I finally was able to hang up the wreath and Christmas-ify the front door. =]

I love how it turned out and of course, I had to use green (my favorite color).

I love seeing that wreath when I come in after work each day. It makes me happy. Has anyone else made their own wreath? How did you do it?


The Atwoods said...

This is so cute!!! :) Great job! Our Christmas wreath is a yard sale find, but I did make our fall wreath . . .I like the versatility of DIY'ing your own because you can easily switch it out for other seasons.

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I have to make one of these (I say that every year) this one is great

Amber's Notebook said...