Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Curtains For You

Cheesy title? Check.

I finally got curtains up and it completely changes the feel of the house! I mentioned in this post that I had bought these chocolate brown curtain rods at Ikea. I hadn't bought curtains yet because I was still trying to figure out what I wanted. I was thinking I wanted white curtains, but I hadn't made up my mind yet. I also knew I didn't want to spend a lot on them (story of my life). I finally decided I wanted floor-length, white, grommet-top curtains and after looking around and seeing the median price, I was extremely disappointed. Well, my love Target came through for me again! I found white, grommet-top curtains that were floor-length for $27 (and some change) for a pair!! I was so excited. I took them home and washed them and then after drying and hanging them up, I discovered the truth: they were too short!

How could this happen to me? I thought my dream had come true! Oh well, I got over it fast and came up with a solution. I took a seam-ripper and ripped the seams on the bottom of every single one to extend them to their original length and then I took some $2 Stitch-Witchery and added it to the very bottom and steamed it on. After steaming the Stitch-Witchery onto the bottom of the curtains, I ironed them and we put them up -- again.

Here was my setup as I ironed the Stitch-Witchery on.

The whole process was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.

The final product:

So there they are! My floor-length, white, grommet-top curtains at a price I can agree to. Yay!


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

Ooooo I love them so cute. I just saw some curtains like these in a fancy restraunt the other day and was swooning

Susan said...

You are one amazingly crafty gal. My hats off to you. I would have just sat there and sulked, good for you.
I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but they are building an IKEA close to our place here in Colorado. I'm SO excited, I can't wait to get in there and spend, spend, spend...I'll help the economy out a little.

The Atwoods said...

This is such a great idea!! I have some curtains that are too short right now, and I thought I'd have to replace I'm going to try your idea! :) Thanks for sharing.