Sunday, April 10, 2011

14 and Rainbows

So my little sister McKenna turned 14 on Friday! I asked her how it felt and she said, "Pretty much the same as 13." Haha.

On Friday we went out to dinner and then she opened her presents.

Last year for her birthday I asked her what color scheme she wanted for her party (yes, I am dorky) and she said rainbow. I made her blue cupcakes because I am mean. Well, mainly because I didn't have much time. Anyway, this year I wanted to honor the rainbow request for her sleepover Saturday night. Better late than never. My BFF Sharon was in town on Saturday so she came over to my mom's to help me get everything ready for the part-ay.

My made a mess of my mom's kitchen and it was really fun. We made queso blanco for the girls.

And we made this rainbow cake as her birthday cake.

For dinner, we made Pioneer Woman's tomato basil pizza. Always a favorite and really fun to make.

The finished queso blanco

The cake all put together and waiting for frosting.

And the finished product! Sharon and I were so proud of this...

Candles in the shape of 14. When we put the candles in, Sharon informed me that there we 14 candles... How ironic!

After the first piece was cut:

McKenna was so amazed by how the cake looked. That's the reaction Sharon and I were going for.


And Sharon and I with our creation! =] That's my other sister Mallory over there on the right.

Super fun night! Happy Birthday McKenna!


Susan R said...

The rainbow cake is absolutely amazing. Way to go. Happy Birthday to yourr lil' sis. I remember my 14th birthday vividly. BEACH PARTY!

The Atwoods said...

What a fun cake!!! And what a great big sis you are to throw your little sis a party! :)

Kristen said...

Props on the cake! It looks so delicious and rainbow-y! (I like your use of that!)

Stephanie said...

HECK YES to the RAINBOW cake! That's my kind of cake right there! You're a great sister. :)

Pam said...

Awesome job on the cake! It looks amazing!

The Cooking Photographer said...

You are the coolest sister in the whole world!! McKenna's face is priceless.


claire said...

that cake is amazing! i love how bright it turned out- Perfect for the rainbow theme!

Mrs. Chic said...

your such a great big sis!! I love those cakes!!